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Services on the OCaml Language

OCamlPro has one of the most experienced team in the OCaml community. We have lead many OCaml projects, from open-source tooling for OCaml to compiler optimizations, to high-value software developments, like the Tezos blockchain.

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The OCaml language is ideal for fast prototyping of robust, long-term software.

Consulting on OCaml Projects

Our team of experienced OCaml developers can provide a broad set of consulting services on OCaml projects, among which:

  • Design and architecture choices for new projects

  • Audit of code for existing projects

    • Good practices
    • Better use of OCaml open-source development tools and libraries
    • Proof reading and bug hunting

Development of OCaml projects

Our team of experienced OCaml developers can design and develop the best applications and tools in OCaml for your requirements. We have already fulfilled many projects in OCaml, such as:

  • Development of new domain specific languages (DSL) and development tools for existing languages;

  • Blockchain development, from the blockchain layer itself to applications and smart contracts (Tezos, EverScale, Avalance, Ethereum);

  • 3-tier applications, with powerful front-ends written using js_of_ocaml, connected to performant backends through REST APIs and versioned databases with PostgresQL and other databases;

Training for OCaml Developers

We provide a large set of courses to train new and existing OCaml developers for your OCaml projects:

Long Term Maintainance of OCaml Open-Source Components

Our OCaml developers follow closely advances of the OCaml distribution and the evolution of popular packages in the Opam Repository. Consequently, we can easily provide long term maintenance on the open-source components that you are using in your OCaml projects, to keep them available while other packages on which they depend also evolve.

Porting OCaml to other Architectures and Operating Systems

OCamlPro has a team of developers involved in the OCaml compiler development, in particular working on the Flambda code optimizer for high-performance code generation.

Thanks to this unique experience of the OCaml compiler, we are able to port the OCaml compiler and its distribution to architectures and operating systems that are not supported by default.

In the past, we ported OCaml 4.04 to HP-UX, and we are considering other ports, such as IBM Z/os.