Course Mastering Opam & OCaml tooling

  • Length: 2 Days
  • Pricing: 12 000€ for 10 people, customizable with duration and location
  • Attendees: developpers
  • Available remotely: yes
  • Tutors: our engineers

Make it happen!


The OCaml package manager opam has reached an exceptional popularity in the OCaml world. It can now be seen as the easiest way to install OCaml and its development environment on any computer. But did you know that opam was also designed to integrate nicely in a professional could boost your development productivity too?

The course is half theory, half practice. Participants will have to call opam with many configuration parameters, they will create their own repositories and packages. Participants can come with their own (small) source packages as examples.


  • Understand how opam interacts with repositories
  • Understand how opam manages package dependencies
  • Use expert-level opam options
  • Discover undocumented features of opam
  • Create your own public packages
  • Create your private repository
  • Include opam in your company development process


  • Being familiar with another programming language
  • Participants are expected to have a computer with Internet access during the course (Linux, Mac OS X or Windows), to be able to access the main opam repository. They should create a GitHub account prior to the course, and can upload an SSH key (it can be done during the course). environment.