Course OCaml Code Optimization

  • Length: 2 Days
  • Pricing: 12 000€ for 10 people, customizable with duration and location
  • Attendees: developpers
  • Available remotely: yes
  • Tutors: our engineers

Make it happen!


This training has been designed by the OCamlPro team to focus specifically on writing the most efficient code for demanding applications. Participants will benefit from the direct involvement of the OCamlPro team in the development of OCaml compilers.

The course is half theory, half practice. Participants will have to write and adapt simple applications in OCaml, to build and test them. Participants can interact with the teachers about the problems they encounter with OCaml.


  • Write the most efficient code for your applications
  • Understand the transformations performed by the compilers
  • Optimize data structures for garbage collection


  • Familiarity with OCaml language and its programming environment
  • A computer access (Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows). An easy-to-install OCaml archive will be provided before the course to setup a minimal but productive environment.

  • Road Map

    1. OCaml’s compilers internals
    2. Analysis of code transformations at different passes
    3. OCaml’s Garbage Collector internals
    4. Efficient code examples
    5. Efficient data structures
    6. Profiling code and memory