OCaml 32bits longval

Date: 2011-05-06
Catégorie: Tooling

You will need OCaml 3.11.2 installed on a i686 linux computer. The archive contains:

  • libcamlrun-linux-i686.a
  • ocamlrun-linux-i686
  • Makefile

The Makefile has two targets:

  • sudo make install will save /usr/bin/ocamlrun and /usr/lib/ocaml/libcamlrun.a in the current directory and replace them with the longval binaries.
  • sudo make restore will restore the saved files.

If your install directories are not the default ones, you should modify the Makefile. After installing, you can test it with the standard OCaml top-level:

Objective Caml version 3.11.2

# let s = ref “”;;
val s : string ref = {contents = “”}

# s := String.create 20_000_000;;
– : unit = ()

Now you can enjoy big values in all your strings and arrays in bytecode. You will need to relink all your custom binaries. If you are interested in the native version of the longval compiler, you can contact us.

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