Prototyping software solutions for you

We design and implement reliable high-value solutions for our clients. As a challenge-driven team, we can find with you the most elegant and efficient solutions to optimize your products or create new ones.

OCamlPro has a record of outstanding technological achievements and success stories, in areas from web tools to distributed frameworks, DSLs and formal methods. We also built a strong blockchain expertise since 2014 on the Tezos and Dune Network blockchains. Developments are done in OCaml or Rust, and then integrated with other software in any language (C, C++, Python, Java, etc.). Our applications are extensible and maintainable, fully independent from web servers, portable to all mainstream browsers.

We cater to very specific needs. For example, we can translate a “black box” application from a programming language (Go, Coq, Cobol…) to a comprehensive language for your current team. Whether an ex-employee or a contractor coded everything in a language your current team hasn’t mastered, or it’s running on a legacy language, we can provide assistance.


A highly scalable package manager

Learn OCaml

Exercise platform for teachers and learners around the world aiming to discover OCaml


An SMT solver for software verification

DunScan & TzScan

Blockchain explorers

Love & Liquidity

Smart-contract languages for the Dune Network & Tezos blockchains


A blockchain with integrated governance

Solidity parser

A Solidity Parser in OCaml with Menhir


A language for linear optimisation

Other achievements in Formal Methods and DSLs/Programming Language Expertise

  • tzscan, the Tezos network explorer
  • Liquidity, a smart-contract language for the Tezos blockchain
  • OPTAL, Language for Linear Optimization
  • memprof, non-intrusive memory profiler for OCaml applications
  • Techelson, a test execution engine for Michelson
  • TryOcaml, Online top-level for beginners

Need help for a technically challenging project?