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Welcome to a new episode of The Flambda2 Snippets! Today's topic is Loopify, one of Flambda2's many optimisation algorithms which specifically deals with optimising both purely tail-recursive and/or functions annotated with the [@@loop] attribute in OCaml. A lazy explanation for its utility would be... (Read more)

Date: 2024-03-25
Category: Trainings

Welcome, dear reader, to a new opam blog post! Today we take an additional step down the metaphorical rabbit hole with opam pin, the easiest way to catch a ride on the development version of a package in opam. We are aware that our readers are eager to see these blog posts venture on the developer s... (Read more)

Welcome to The Flambda2 Snippets! In this first post of The Flambda2 Snippets, we dive into the powerful CPS-based internal representation used within the Flambda2 optimizer, which was one of the main motivation to move on from the former Flambda optimizer. Credit goes to Andrew Kennedy's paper Comp... (Read more)

Date: 2024-03-18
Category: OCaml

Introducing our Flambda2 snippets At OCamlPro, the main ongoing task on the OCaml Compiler is to improve the high-level optimisation. This is something that we have been doing for quite some time now. Indeed, we are the authors behind the Flambda optimisation pass and today we would like to introduc... (Read more)

Date: 2024-03-07
Category: Formal Methods

Monitoring Edge Technical Endeavours As a company specialized in strongly-typed programming languages with strong static guarantees, OCamlPro closely monitors the ongoing trend of bringing more and more of these elements into mainstream programming languages. Rust is a relatively recent example of t... (Read more)

Date: 2024-01-23
Category: Trainings

Welcome, dear reader, to a new series of blog posts! This series will be about everything opam. Each article will cover a specific aspect of the package manager, and make sure to dissipate any confusion or misunderstandings on this keystone of the OCaml distribution! Each technical article will be t... (Read more)

Authors: Dario Pinto
Date: 2023-12-13
Category: Tooling

From the very start OCamlPro has been trying to help ease the learning of the OCaml language. OCaml has been used around the world to teach about a variety of Computer Science domains, from algorithmic to calculus, or functional programming and compilation. The language had been long taught in Acade... (Read more)

Authors: Dario Pinto, OCamlPro
Date: 2023-06-30
Category: OCamlPro

For 12 years now, OCamlPro has been empowering a large range of customers, allowing them to harness state-of-the-art technologies and languages like OCaml and Rust. Our not-so-small-anymore company steadily grew into a team of highly-skilled and passionate engineers, experts in Computer Science, fro... (Read more)

In today's article, we share our contributions to the 2022 JFLAs, the French-Speaking annual gathering on Application Programming Languages, mainly Functional Languages such as OCaml (Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs). This much awaited event is organised by Inria, the French National... (Read more)