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Our accomplished team of Ph.D. holders boasts world-class expertise in programming language design and advanced architectures.

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Well-specified architecture and efficient implementation: we’ll do it for you!


For special performance or security and safety requirements, we can help assess and optimize your code base.

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High-level trainings for teams willing to acquire deep expertise in Rust, OCaml, Coq and COBOL.

Boost your legacy COBOL infrastructure with open-source tooling, GnuCOBOL and SuperBOL.

Discover Red Iron, our new division offering consulting, audit, prototyping and custom development in Rust.

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Words from our clients

“ MERCE was very satisfied of OCamlPro. The project was technically challenging and time constrained, nonetheless OCamlPro met the requirements in time while producing a code of excellent quality. ”

“ We recently collaborated with OCamlPro engineers on design and development of an optimized test generation tool that we needed in our group.

I chose to work with OCamlPro because I knew their expertise in design and development of complex software verification tools from earlier collaborations, even if we never collaborated in this precise domain before.

The required tool was developed by the scheduled deadline to my greatest satisfaction. OCamlPro engineers were very efficient and professional. I particularly appreciated their in-depth analysis of complex algorithms and capacity to adapt to customers’ needs. ”

“ The goal of our formal methods team is to bridge the gap between academic research and industrial practices by promoting the adoption of formal methods tools in development and integration chains.

For the particular problem of automated test generation for C programs, we needed the expertise of OCamlPro in the development of formal analysis tools. They provided us with a very advanced and modular solution going beyond our expectations.

The close collaboration allowed for fruitful discussions and brought new ideas, which made the experience enriching in many ways. We definitely would work again with OCamlPro, because it is the assurance of working with talented developers with a wide formal background. ”

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