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Services on Rust

Other Languages

Services on the Rust Language

We have been involved in multiple Rust projects, and we can share the experience we gained with you. Rust is particularly adapted for reliable performance-critical applications and parallel applications.

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The Rust language is ideal for performance-demanding safety critical applications.

Consulting on Rust Projects

Our experienced Rust developers can provide a wide range of consulting services to support other teams in their Rust development.

Training for Rust Developers

We provide a very high quality course for functional programmers to learn and use Rust. It is divided into two modules:

Development of Rust Projects

Our team can develop high-value software in Rust.

Here are a few projects that we developed in Rust:

High-performance Computing:

  • LLNL samples, code samples to discuss HPC-related ideas and designs in Rust.

Formal methods:

  • Matla, a manager for TLA+ projects
  • Sat-Micro, a reimplementation in Rust of SAT-Micro
  • Mikino, a simple induction and BMC engine

At the frontier between Rust and OCaml: