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Authors: Louis Gesbert
Date: 2020-03-16
Category: Tooling

We are happy to announce that our venerable "TryOCaml" service is being retired and replaced by a new, modern version based upon our work on Learn-OCaml. → Try it here ← The new interface provides an editor panel besides the familiar top-level, error and warning positions highlighting, the lates... (Read more)

Authors: OCamlPro
Date: 2020-02-05
Category: OCamlPro

2019 at OCamlPro OCamlPro a pour ambition d’aider les industriels dans leur adoption du langage OCaml et des méthodes formelles. L’entreprise est passée d’1 à 21 personnes et est restée fidèle à cet objectif. L’année 2019 chez OCamlPro a été très animée, et le nombre de réalisati... (Read more)

Authors: Muriel, OCamlPro
Date: 2020-02-04
Category: OCamlPro

2019 at OCamlPro OCamlPro was created to help OCaml and formal methods spread into the industry. We grew from 1 to 21 engineers, still strongly sharing this ambitious goal! The year 2019 at OCamlPro was very lively, with fantastic accomplishments all along! Let's quickly review the past years' works... (Read more)