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Authors: Pierre Villemot
Date: 2023-09-18
Category: Formal Methods
Tags: alt-ergo

We are happy to announce a new release of Alt‑Ergo (version 2.5.1). Alt-Ergo is a cutting-edge automated prover designed specifically for mathematical formulas, with a primary focus on advancing program verification. This powerful tool is instrumental in the arsenal of static analysis solutions su... (Read more)

On last November, we released version 0.5 of ocplib-simplex, a generic library implementing the Simplex Algorithm in OCaml. It is a key component of the Alt-Ergo automatic theorem prover that we keep developing at OCamlPro. ** The Simplex Algorithm What Changed in 0.5 ? ] The simplex algorithm The S... (Read more)

The Alt-Ergo automatic theorem prover developed at OCamlPro has just been released with a major update : counterexample model can now be generated. This is now available on the next branch, and will officially be part of the 2.5.0 release, coming this year ! Alt-Ergo at a Glance Alt-Ergo is an open ... (Read more)