opam 2.1.3 is released!

Date: 2022-08-12
Category: Tooling
Tags: opam

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We are pleased to announce the minor release of opam 2.1.3.

This opam release consists of backported fixes:

  • Fix opam init and opam init --reinit when the jobs variable has been set in the opamrc or the current config. (#5056)
  • opam var no longer fails if no switch is set (#5025)
  • Setting a variable with option --switch <sw> fails instead of writing an invalid switch-config file (#5027)
  • Handle external dependencies when updating switch state pin status (all pins), instead as a post pin action (only when called with opam pin (#5046)
  • Remove windows double printing on commands and their output (#4940)
  • Stop Zypper from upgrading packages on updates on OpenSUSE (#4978)
  • Clearer error message if a command doesn't exist (#4112)
  • Actually allow multiple state caches to co-exist (#4554)
  • Fix some empty conflict explanations (#4373)
  • Fix an internal error on admin repository upgrade from OPAM 1.2 (#4965)

and improvements:

  • When inferring a 2.1+ switch invariant from 2.0 base packages, don't filter out pinned packages as that causes very wide invariants for pinned compiler packages (#4501)
  • Some optimisations to opam list --installable queries combined with other filters (#4311)
  • Improve performance of some opam list combinations (e.g. --available, --installable) (#4999)
  • Improve performance of opam list --conflicts-with when combined with other filters (#4999)
  • Improve performance of opam show by as much as 300% when the package to show is given explicitly or is unique (#4997)(#4172)
  • When a field is defined in switch and global scope, try to determine the scope also by checking switch selection (#5027)

You can also find API changes in the release note.

Opam installation instructions (unchanged):

  1. From binaries: run

    $ bash -c "sh <(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ocaml/opam/master/shell/install.sh) --version 2.1.3"

    or download manually from the Github "Releases" page to your PATH. In this case, don't forget to run opam init --reinit -ni to enable sandboxing if you had version 2.0.0~rc manually installed or to update you sandbox script.

  2. From source, using opam:

    $ opam update; opam install opam-devel

    (then copy the opam binary to your PATH as explained, and don't forget to run opam init --reinit -ni to enable sandboxing if you had version 2.0.0~rc manually installed or to update your sandbox script)

  3. From source, manually: see the instructions in the README.

We hope you enjoy this new minor version, and remain open to bug reports and suggestions.

About OCamlPro:

OCamlPro is a R&D lab founded in 2011, with the mission to help industrial users benefit from experts with a state-of-the-art knowledge of programming languages theory and practice.

  • We provide audit, support, custom developer tools and training for both the most modern languages, such as Rust, Wasm and OCaml, and for legacy languages, such as COBOL or even home-made domain-specific languages;
  • We design, create and implement software with great added-value for our clients. High complexity is not a problem for our PhD-level experts. For example, we developed the prototype of the Tezos proof-of-stake blockchain.
  • We have a long history of creating open-source projects, such as the Opam package manager, the LearnOCaml web platform, and contributing to other ones, such as the Flambda optimizing compiler, or the GnuCOBOL compiler.
  • We are also experts of Formal Methods, developing tools such as our SMT Solver Alt-Ergo (check our Alt-Ergo Users' Club) and using them to prove safety or security properties of programs.

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