OPAM 1.2.1 Released

Authors: Louis Gesbert
Date: 2015-03-18
Category: Tooling
Tags: opam

OPAM 1.2.1 has just been released. This patch version brings a number of fixes and improvements over 1.2.0, without breaking compatibility.

Upgrade from 1.2.0 (or earlier)

See the normal installation instructions: you should generally pick up the packages from the same origin as you did for the last version -- possibly switching from the official repository packages to the ones we provide for your distribution, in case the former are lagging behind.

What's new

No huge new features in this point release -- which means you can roll back to 1.2.0 in case of problems -- but lots going on under the hood, and quite a few visible changes nonetheless:

... and much more

There is also a new manual documenting the file and repository formats.


See the changelog for a summary or closed issues in the bug-tracker for an overview.

Experimental features

These are mostly improvements to the file formats. You are welcome to use them, but they won't be accepted into the official repository until the next release.

About OCamlPro:

OCamlPro is a R&D lab founded in 2011, with the mission to help industrial users benefit from state-of-the art programming languages like OCaml and Rust.

We design, create and implement custom ad-hoc software for our clients. We also have a long experience in developing and maintaining open-source tooling for OCaml, such as Opam, TryOCaml, ocp-indent, ocp-index and ocp-browser, and we contribute to the core-development of OCaml, notably with our work on the Flambda optimizer branch.

Another area of expertise is that of Formal Methods, with tools such as our SMT Solver Alt-Ergo (check our Alt-Ergo Users'). We also provide vocational trainings in OCaml and Rust, and we can build courses on formal methods on-demand. Do not hesitate to reach out by email: contact@ocamlpro.com.