OPAM 1.1.1 released

Authors: Louis Gesbert
Date: 2014-01-29
Category: Tooling
Tags: opam

We are proud to announce that OPAM 1.1.1 has just been released.

This minor release features mostly stability and UI/doc improvements over OPAM 1.1.0, but also focuses on improving the API and tools to be a better base for the platform (functions for opam-doc, interface with tools like opamfu and opam-installer). Lots of bigger changes are in the works, and will be merged progressively after this release.


Installation instructions are available on the wiki.

Note that some packages may take a few days until they get out of the pipeline. If you're eager to get 1.1.1, either use our binary installer or compile from source.

The 'official' package repository is now hosted at opam.ocaml.org, synchronised with the Git repository at http://github.com/ocaml/opam-repository, where you can contribute new packages descriptions. Those are under a CC0 license, a.k.a. public domain, to ensure they will always belong to the community.

Thanks to all of you who have helped build this repository and made OPAM such a success.


From the changelog:

  • Fix opam-admin make <packages> -r (#990)
  • Explicitly prettyprint list of lists, to fix opam-admin depexts (#997)
  • Tell the user which fields is invalid in a configuration file (#1016)
  • Add OpamSolver.empty_universe for flexible universe instantiation (#1033)
  • Add OpamFormula.eval_relop and OpamFormula.check_relop (#1042)
  • Change OpamCompiler.compare to match Pervasives.compare (#1042)
  • Add OpamCompiler.eval_relop (#1042)
  • Add OpamPackage.Name.compare (#1046)
  • Add types version_constraint and version_formula to OpamFormula (#1046)
  • Clearer command aliases. Made info an alias for show and added the alias uninstall (#944)
  • Fixed opam init --root=<relative path> (#1047)
  • Display OS constraints in opam info (#1052)
  • Add a new 'opam-installer' script to make .install files usable outside of opam (#1026)
  • Add a --resolve option to opam-admin make that builds just the archives you need for a specific installation (#1031)
  • Fixed handling of spaces in filenames in internal files (#1014)
  • Replace calls to which by a more portable call (#1061)
  • Fixed generation of the init scripts in some cases (#1011)
  • Better reports on package patch errors (#987, #988)
  • More accurate warnings for unknown package dependencies (#1079)
  • Added opam config report to help with bug reports (#1034)
  • Do not reinstall dev packages with opam upgrade <pkg> (#1001)
  • Be more careful with opam init to a non-empty root directory (#974)
  • Cleanup build-dir after successful compiler installation to save on space (#1006)
  • Improved OSX compatibility in the external solver tools (#1074)
  • Fixed messages printed on update that were plain wrong (#1030)
  • Improved detection of meaningful changes from upstream packages to trigger recompilation

About OCamlPro:

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  • We provide audit, support, custom developer tools and training for both the most modern languages, such as Rust, Wasm and OCaml, and for legacy languages, such as COBOL or even home-made domain-specific languages;
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  • We have a long history of creating open-source projects, such as the Opam package manager, the LearnOCaml web platform, and contributing to other ones, such as the Flambda optimizing compiler, or the GnuCOBOL compiler.
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