The Scilab source analyzer

Scilint is a tool to analyze Scilab code, developed within the Richelieu project.

Download Current version: 0.3 (Nov 22, 2013)
scilint screenshot

Scilint checks Scilab code files to find possible problems.


Errors detected by Scilint

Scilint displays warnings with their location in the source files. A complete list of implemented warnings is available from the Warnings Documentation Page.


In order to use this version of Scilint, you need at least OCaml 4.00.

On Linux or OSX, we recommend the use of the OPAM package manager:

opam switch 4.00.1

Once you have OCaml 4.00.1 installed :


Further information will come on how to install Scilint on Microsoft Windows.


To analyze your Scilab source code, call Scilint with:

./scilint file.sci
Scilint will parse the file and then analyze it looking for some useful information to give. Those information will be printed with location information, so you can easily find your way to the right code.


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