Mise à jour des Cheat Sheets : OCaml Language et OCaml Standard Library

Auteurs: Thomas Blanc
Date: 2019-09-13
Catégorie: OCaml

Les mémentos (cheat-sheets) OCaml lang et OCaml stdlib partagés par OCamlPro en 2011 ont été mis à jour pour OCaml 4.08.

Si vous souhaitez contribuer des améliorations: sources sur GitHub.

En savoir plus : Updated Cheat Sheets: OCaml Language and OCaml Standard Library

Au sujet d'OCamlPro:

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We design, create and implement custom ad-hoc software for our clients. We also have a long experience in developing and maintaining open-source tooling for OCaml, such as Opam, TryOCaml, ocp-indent, ocp-index and ocp-browser, and we contribute to the core-development of OCaml, notably with our work on the Flambda optimizer branch.

Another area of expertise is that of Formal Methods, with tools such as our SMT Solver Alt-Ergo (check our Alt-Ergo Users'). We also provide vocational trainings in OCaml and Rust, and we can build courses on formal methods on-demand. Do not hesitate to reach out by email: contact@ocamlpro.com.